May 31, 2016

I had the pleasure and honor to meet Whittney when she was pregnant with Scarlett! Years have passed and we kept of recording beautiful memories of her growing family! Now, Andrew, her little SUN, turned one! We had fun taking a little hike, eating the cake and trying to give him a bath. The bath time was not as fun for him as it was for us, but his face, even if crying was just too cute not to photograph it. Enjoy!family and smash the cake 2016-05-31_0020 2016-05-31_0021 2016-05-31_0022 2016-05-31_0023 2016-05-31_0024 2016-05-31_0025 2016-05-31_0026 2016-05-31_0027 2016-05-31_0028 2016-05-31_0029 2016-05-31_0030 2016-05-31_0031 2016-05-31_0032 2016-05-31_0033 2016-05-31_0034