On April 17, 2018 we were happy to host an intimate site dedication of The Nemeth NICU Follow Up Clinic at the Sharp Mary Birch Hospital.

Our guests were welcomed with “wishing leaves” that enabled them to record their wishes and thoughts for the clinic and their patients.

They were also introduced to floor plans and layouts of the site.

Our Follow up Clinic will promote optimal growth and success for the babies born preterm through assessments and interventions. In this way we ensure the babies meet their developmental milestones throughout childhood.

“The clinic compassionate treatment and support for children and families validate the long term results of the hospital’s innovative studies and give patience the best possible chance to grow into healthy, school ready learners who thrive.” Julie Novak, Program Manager of Neodevelopmental Nemeth Follow Up Clinic.

Thank you kindly to all of you who joined us on this wonderful journey.