Jul 18, 2018

The event was an announcement to the public for the receipt of the 2nd major NIH award studying the benefit of providing cord blood to full term infants.  Over 20 world renowned Obstetricians and Neonatologists from all over the world  participated in the Sharp led trial. This was an opportunity to meet the investigators and discuss the impact of this study globally.

Every year over 10 million babies are not breathing at birth and are deprived by a potentially life-saving treatment. This study could provide evidence for one of the greatest intervention in modern medicine.

The Alexander and Eva Nemeth Foundation is proud to sponsor the work being done through the Neonatal Research Institute under the guidance and expertise of Dr. Anup Katheria. It is also a source of great pride that our babies, here in San Diego, have access to developmental follow-up visits after going home from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Sharp Mary Birch  at the Nemeth NICU Follow Up Clinic under the guidance of child development expert, Julie Novak, Executive Director and Program Manager.